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Thread: Low test high progesterone right after cycle

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    Low test high progesterone right after cycle

    Hello Steroid fam.
    So I had a thread recently but didnít get the answer I was expecting after posting my blood works .
    I had a long 14.5week cycle of test ( sust for 8 , prop for 6) along with 10 weeks of oxandrolone (40mg per day ) (8 weeks in , stopped for 4 weeks and bridged the last 2 weeks without injecting test ) . I mean when test was over bridged with anavar till pct for 2 weeks .
    Now I know that since I was injecting prop my test levels dropped dramatically and I was still taking only anabolics .
    I had a bloodwork right after I finished my cycle without doing pct (I am on it now ) and my prolactin and E2 was very good but my progesterone was twice the price it should and testosterone was bottom low during that time until today if I squeeze nipples I can barely see liquid coming out in a very very small dose .
    At the beginning I thought itís prolactin and took 0.25 Dostinex along with clomid and nolva (standar protocol) but after bloods came out , I just go with nolva and clomid .
    Endocrinologist said that when testosterone goes up , progesterone will fall .
    My question is
    1.will progesterone indeed drop when test goes up ?
    2. Why I have this liquid ?
    My chest was checked by doc and said it was all normal .

    Ps. Tomorrow is my 2nd week of pct (25 clomid 40 nolva ) , in the first week I was also using Proviron on 25 mg dose
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    Bragging to someone
    progesterone is produced by the testes and adrenal glands .. it actually plays a role in the production of testosterone . right now your androgen levels are crashed. once your body begins producing test again progesterone production will probably down regulate.

    just give it time . I wouldn't over worry about it or begin throwing a bunch of different drugs at it right now.
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    Any idea what the liquid could be though , could it be cause of progesterone ? Or pregnyl I was injecting during cycle ?

    And btw E2 prolactin test and progesterone bloodsLow test high progesterone right after cycle-8f58da4c-29a0-4db7-9655-1501514fedc0.jpeg

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