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    Critique my comeback cycle

    Hey guys,

    This is my first post here, but I've been a regular reader of the forum for a few years now learning a lot from everyone else's experience.

    So let me get to the point, I have been on a major break from working out for almost 2 years now and am hitting the gym from tomorrow to get back to what I loved the most, bodybuilding.

    I've been thinking of a recomp cycle to get back in shape. Here's my cycle plan:

    Week 1-5: Anavar 40mg a day
    Week 1-12: Testosterone E 500mg/week
    Week 1-12: Boldenone (equipose) 300 or 500mg/week (depending on what advice I get here)

    Will pct 15th week onwards with nolva and clomid. AI will be on hand and used when needed ( I am not that gyno receptive, atleast I wasn't on my last 2 cycles)

    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 77 kgs
    Age: 26
    Bf: 15-17% (From the mirror, will get a proper analysis done on the machine this weekend)

    Bodybuilding history:
    Been working out on and off from the age of 13. Always loved bodybuilding, it kept me disciplined and motivated. Had naturally worked down from being a fat blob (120kgs) to fit (81 kgs) in 2013. Was working out till 2017 and some serious shit hit my life, was almost broke and couldn't afford gym or focus on bodybuilding. Quit and was out for last 2 years. Doing well now and things seem to be falling in place and I want to get back to the gym and work on myself again.

    Steroid History:
    Have 2 cycles under my belt.
    First one was when I was 23 years old (didn't ask here because I didn't want to be flamed for being young. Stupid me). First cycle was sustanon 500mg/week for 12 weeks. It worked very well, I pushed through a lot of limits and made some crazy gains. About 13lbs of solid muscle mass.
    Second one was a year after my first cycle. Used 500mg of test-e/week along with 50mg of dbol a day for the first 4 weeks to kick-off. Made some good gains along the lines of the first one, about 12lbs of solid muscle mass. Dbol was crazy for strength but made me moon faced and bloated. Used AI twice when I felt I was retaining too much water, but I realised that it crashed my estrogen levels making me depressed and low. No gyno symptoms ever.


    1) what do you think of my choice of compounds? I want to add something to test since I want to gain more from this cycle.
    2) is my boldenone dose too low?
    3) is this a suitable cycle for recomping? I've put on some fat from lot of careless eating over the last 2 years, so I'd lose that extra belly fat I have put on and gain some muscle at the same time.
    4) Would it be too bad to start on a cycle right way after such a long break? I would probably cycle a few weeks later if it seems sensible.
    5) What would be the target calorie zone for recomping?

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    Cycling when you get back is an easy way to get injured and set yourself even further back. Muscle memory is one thing, but tendons/ligaments/joints are another thing entirely.

    4-6 months back at the gym then cycle. Not likely the answer you want to hear but it's the reality.
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    Get disciplined before jumping on, tighten up diet get the cardio and training started for a while as noted you will be far less likely to get injured and you will also likely respond better with lower bf. I don’t think it needs to be 6 months but a good 2-3 months going hard naturally certainly would get you ready.

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    advice above is spot on..

    regarding your cycle for when you do get back on,, I'd run the VAR longer then just 5 weeks, more like 8 . I'd run the EQ at a minimum of 500

    regarding recomping diet - recomps work best with carb, fat and calorie cycling. some days will be more anabolic focus and other days will be more lipolytic focused.
    fasted cardio also works well with recomping

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    Critique my comeback cycle

    Planning to start a new cycle as follows:
    week 1-3 Adrol 50 ED, SUST 350 2X week, Deca 250 2x week
    weeks 4-6 Dbol 50 ED, Sust 350 2x week, Deca 250 2x week
    weeks 7-10 Sust 350 2x week, Deca 250 2x week
    weeks 11-16 Mast 100 EOD, Primo 100, EOD, Tren 100 EOD, Prop 100 EOD

    if your looking to reduce the bloated look iíd do something like:
    Var 50 to 100mg. 1-4 weeks
    MENT 50mg EOD 1-4 weeks with prop 100mg
    Sust 350mg E3D with Deca weeks 4-10
    Mast,Tren and prop all Ace esters week 11-16
    Nolva EOD 20 mg. for blocking estrogen

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