Going through day 40 of my cycle.

Current compounds:
Test E 250mg twice a week.
Primobolan 200mg twice a week.
50mg of Proviron Ed

Current physique on the right, how i was a couple weeks ago on the left. 105kg vs 97kg.

105kg pic was taken during last few days of dbol wich i run for 25 days.
Second pic was taken after 15 days without dBol and a caloric deficit during last 3 weeks.
Cardio was increased too; Getting Leaner and leaner.

Im starting Winstrol ED 50mg on the first week of December; my question would be; considering i dont drink and im following a proper diet; if i could actually run a small dose of winstrol (12.5mg - half a pill) Pre Workout during these 15 days prior tappering up to 50mg, or 25mg according to how well things go.

Last but not least, thanks to @GearHeaded for helping me a lot!