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Thread: High E2 on Tren

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    High E2 on Tren

    Hi guys, I just took my mid cycle test, and E2 is very high. Cycle details:

    Tren 400mg/week
    Test 400mg/week
    HCG 1000iu/week
    Arimidex 0.5mg/EOD

    E2 result: 300pg/ml (ref range: 11-41pg/ml)

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    If the tren is legit
    Its to much hcg imo

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    The HCG is fine, it's not too much at all. Most people are scripted 1000-1500IU and up for TRT.

    Your estrogen level is to be expected running Tren .

    The metabolites in Trenbolone artificially inflate estrogen bloodwork readings.

    Checking estrogen is kindof a waste of time/money regardless.
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    ^this.. your blood work is showing a 'false positive' for high E2 because of the Tren .. your only running 400mg of test. your estrogen likely isn't that high . in fact running that much damn Arimidex I wouldn't doubt if your E2 is nearly crashed. why the heck are you running so much Arimidex on that low of a dose of test ? you do know that Adex does NOTHING for Tren related estrogenic effects, right
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    OP just to give you some sort of an idea - I'm on about 560mg of Test only and my E2 is 100. No AI. (T is 3847 ng/dL).
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    If I'm not mistaken, the ECLIA sensitive estradiol will show false values, but the LC/MS-MS sensitive E2 is more discriminating and not prone to generating false values.

    In general, ECLIA methodology can be skewed by quite a few interference substances. Deca can falsely inflate T values with ECLIA testing.
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