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Thread: New Compounds for cutting and leanness

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    New Compounds for cutting and leanness

    Hello everyone, I am 43 years old about 5í9Ē 220lbs and around 15-16% bf. I have done countless cycles over the years of mainly test but have tried Deca and found it super suppressive. I have been on this site since my 20s and was consistently 8-9% bf up until I was 33 years old (2009) since then Iíve gained some weight. My diet and training is good. Last year I ran a 600mg/wk test E cycle for 16 weeks and dropped to around 10% bf, this year I tried the same and have difficulty dropping below 15%. I make great gains in size and strength and I am vascular - my arms, legs, back are super lean but I carry some fat in my stomach that I canít seem to burn. I tried adding an AI to this cycle even though I test relatively low on Estrogen, but it hasnít helped much.

    The test makes me gain mass and strength, but I want leaner gains with less bloating. I have considered trying Tren Ace even though it scares me. Iíve heard too much negatives about the sides and my good ole buddy David (aka C-Mos) started a Tren Ace cycle that he was telling me about and then bam died in his sleep. He was my age now, 43. I donít have sides off test, but worry that Tren might be different. I could try a low dose of 25/m ED? What are your takes on the Tren sides?

    So what are other good options besides Tren? Winny? Primo? Masteron ? Any suggestions?

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    Have you tried DHB? It’s supposedly something like tren ’s little brother, without the sides. I incorporated it for the first time in my current cycle. So far so good.

    You didn’t mention EQ, but some people like to use it for cutting because of the supposed lack of conversion to estrogen, or at least less than test. I can’t cut on EQ because it makes me hungry as a horse, go figure.

    I can’t comment on any of the steroids you mentioned in your last sentence as I haven’t tried them. A lot of famous bodybuilders I watch say there is no such thing as a cutting steroid , that it all comes down to diet and training. If you have stubborn fat, maybe try using a different method of removing such as coolsculpting or lipo. Good luck, and I remember C-mos from when I used to visit this site a decade ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmax View Post
    I carry some fat in my stomach that I can’t seem to burn. I tried adding an AI to this cycle even though I test relatively low on Estrogen, but it hasn’t helped much
    well you had it a little bit backwards here. Estrogen is important in energy balance. As men age and their Estrogen levels plummet (due to lack of aromatization from low androgen output) they begin to store much more fat in their abdomen area . its the lowering of estrogen that can cause fat accumulation in the abdomen.
    so always keeping your estrogen too low or running things like AI's are likely not going to help you in your stomach fat burning goals.

    a little bit of water retention and bloat from elevated E levels is a different story now. but extra bloat does't mean your not burning fat.

    as for fat loss stacks. one of the best and safest and simplest fat loss stacks

    600mg Primo
    50mg Var
    40mcg Clen
    25mcg T3
    2iu HGH (taken before fasted cardio)

    going to give tren like fat loss effects without the tren sides your worried about.

    a couple of other drugs to mention though, Gw/50 ie, cardarine,, injectible Sr9009, HGH-Frag . all are effective in cutting protools.
    Winstrol is a great steroid at blunting Cortisol. so this also has its place (high cortisol can be related to extra stored ab fat as well)
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    Are you on HRT?

    Glad to see you back on the board.
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    Yes, I have doctor prescribed TRT 250mg Test Cyp every other week.

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