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Thread: How quickly did you lose your hair when you started? What side effect was the worst?

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    How quickly did you lose your hair when you started? What side effect was the worst?

    For those of you who were in your 30s and starting to recede already, but by no means were bald, how much did gear accelerate your balding process?

    As well, what did it do as far as body hair? Was it just growing in thicker, or actually growing places it hadn't before. For instance I have no chest hair or back hair, would it potentially start growing there?

    As well, did any of you experience more serious side effects like heart issues? Anything scary or really awful like constant nausea, insomnia, feeling out of control, whatever it may be?

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    I'm almost 40 now, and began cycling in my late 20's.

    Still have a thick full head of hair. You're either prone to hair loss or you're not.

    I definitely ended up with some more body and back hair but I have no way of telling how much if any of that is due to AAS usage. It's easily controllable and I'm not a gorilla or anything, so kind of a non-issue to me. If you were a little androgen deficient then yeah, you could end up with a few more of those traits than you had expressed before using.

    I have never had any super horrible sides. Nothing that couldn't be easily managed.

    That's it. All in all pretty uneventful.
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