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Thread: UD 2.0 lyle mcdonald on a cycle RECOMP

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    UD 2.0 lyle mcdonald on a cycle RECOMP

    Hi, not sure of anyone is familiar with the lyle mcdonald ultimate diet 2.0 (UD2.0) It's basically a body recomposition training and diet plan based on the concept of glycogen depletion workouts while carb cycling with very low calorific intake, with refeeds and heavier workouts when carb loading and bumping up the calories.

    Would this work on a mild test tren cycle?


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    The entire point of UD is as much manipulation of variables that are usually only the purview of those under the effects of AAS as is possible in a natural athlete. Itíll still work, but youíre probably not going to see the same degree of effects in comparison to anything else effective as a natural guy would.
    Everything that UD is trying to turn up to 10 in naturals is already jacked up to 20 by your use of AAS.
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