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    PCT after higher dose testosterone propionate

    Hi all, long story short, without my knowing it until now I ended up taking 700 mg of test prop (instead of 500 mg which was my original plan) for a 10 week cycle. My question is, should I adjust my PCT in any way to account for this? This Sunday (May 24) is my last scheduled day of PCT. I have extra nolva and clomid if needed. Below are my cycle and PCT details:

    700 mg test prop per week (200 mg EOD)
    60 mg var ED
    250 IU hCG twice per week
    12.5 mg aromasin ED (increased to 18 mg after mid-cycle test results because E2 was high at 177 pmol/L, normal for me is around 60, my understanding is 0-160 is "normal" range).

    PCT (4 weeks):
    40/20/20/20 (mg ED, week 1/2/3/4)
    100/50/50/50 (mg ED, week 1/2/3/4)

    Any help is appreciated!
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    I personally don't think you would need extra PCT just because you did 700mg of test P vs 500mg.

    (I am no expert. I am on TRT. I have never done PCT.)

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    You don't need to change PCT
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