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Thread: Loss of results after cruising for 2 years

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    Loss of results after cruising for 2 years

    Hi all

    I'm new to the forum I know I'm probably going to get abuse for this, but I'm just here for help and advice so here goes

    I started taking test E 1ml a week 2 years ago, initially it was good and I got dramatically increased size strength and increased libido

    I do CrossFit daily and it was purely for me to get better results but also because I had been suffering from low test/libido for years too.

    As time progressed, I felt I didn't want to come off as I didn't want my results to go backwards and I was enjoying the increased size, increased libido and more enjoyable sex life

    Fast forward 2 years, and now my size has decreased despite training hard daily, getting plenty calories and supplementation. I'm also getting some side effects:

    Loss of libido
    Lack of sleep
    Abdominal fat I can't get rid of
    Very small amount of gyno

    When I started the test my libido was very high and I loved it, but now I need to take 2 cialis to get the hammer ready to swing which seeks abnormal for a guy my age and is a dramatic change from the high libido when I started the test.

    Can anyone relate and if so what did you do to fix this?

    I'm a male aged 44 6ft tall 14 stone.

    Kind regards and thanks for any advice

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    You need current blood work. It sounds like your estrogen is out of whack but blood work will tell the tale.

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