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    cycle results seem minimal...what gives???

    I am on week 8 of the following
    1-4 40mg d-bol e/d
    1-12 500mg deca 500mg test weekly -shots on monday & thursday

    It seems most of my weight gain was right from the start mainly from the d-bol. Now it seem to me anyway that I am not getting the results I have gotten from past cycles just like this one. Strenght is up but not like in the past, and I just dont feel as big, I do get people asking if I am putting on weight but hey they are just the normal skinny fuckers that think that anyone with a little definition is hugh...LOL

    I am useing Ttokkyo Deca but this stuff I got about 1-1/2 yrs ago befor the shit started with them, and I used the same lot # on my last cycle summer of 2002 and loved it. I started the cycle with QV lot #009 and got a little nervouse after all the low dosage talk so after the 10ml of QV
    wqs finished I switched over to some Broval that I also had left from last years cycle which i thought worked great.

    My diet isnt the strictest but I am eating alot, in past cycles i eat tons of protien and I know i didnt get enough carbs or calories but my results seemed better. I just cant figure it out

    Any thoughts are appriciated

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    Sorry to hear about this bro. I dont know what you really want us to tell you though. If you know your gear was legit, you have to reflect on your diet, training, sleep, etc. If everything was in check, then that would have to lead you to the conclusion that there is something wrong with the gear you are using.
    I dont know why on earth you would switch from qv to brovel though. That is what stands out to me as a flag.

    In any event, hope things pick up for you, or you figure out what the problem is....

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