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Thread: IGF-1 Levels and PEDs?

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    IGF-1 Levels and PEDs?

    In the end, when it comes to taking PEDs, is it all about agonizing one's IGF levels for growth? More so IGF-1 levels? I have seen studies mentioning this and gurus too. Just wondering. I know there are other hormones in play but it seems like taking anything with raise IGF levels in the end.

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    Yes, AAS increase IGF-1 but this is a very complex question but I think the simple answer is that AAS have more properties that facilitate muscle growth than simply raising IGF-1 alone.
    I would love to hear a better answer than I provided but imagine that answer would simply go into greater physiological detail, not contradict.
    ^These articles don't answer the question directly but provide general background reading.
    The article below deals directly with your question in regard to the response aspect of resistance training.
    This is the article in a less readable and abbreviated form but it has links to other article:
    I intend to learn more about this but I signed on this evening because Facebook is annoying and I'm interested in some light reading.
    I hope there is more development to this thread when I check back on it at a later time.
    Nice question!
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