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    Shoulder and MK677

    Hi guy's been a while! 2 months ago I fell from the ladder painting, I'm getting tons of "honey do's" being home because of the Rona, and F'd up my shoulder. Massive inflammation, slight stretching and damage near bone and a chip out of the cartilage. I mentioned this to a friend and he said look into MK677 and truthfully I know nothing about it, been out of the game for a couple years. Any knowledge on this or advise to help with the inflammation would be great. We're trying to heal it up first to avoid cutting on it. So any advise is helpful.

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    I have a bum shoulder (rotator cuff and torn labrum) and I didn’t notice any difference in it when I ran MK. Maybe a slight difference with Ipramorelin but more around morning stiffness (that’s what she said) with my shoulder probably due to better sleeping.

    I did notice a difference when I added low dose deca to my TRT regimen though. Not saying it won’t work, but wanted to share my anecdotal opinion.

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