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    has anyone undertaken a short run of T3? Results?

    Has anyone here run a T3 "cycle" (obviously in conjuction with AAS...or, i hope "obviously") in the way of 21 days? I see that in the educational threads an model cycle is put forth in the duration of 20 days, and I think that for my first time using the stuff, should I elect to do so, I'd like to keep it relatively short. However, I know from past experience that while either making dietary changes or adding ECA to the mix, i have about a 10-14 day "lag time" before I start to see the effect of the addition or change. Is T3, in the experiences of those who have used it for short "blitzes", worth running for three weeks only?

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    I ran it for 30 days at high doses with AS. I can't tell you exact poundages lost but it was effective. In retrospect I would have ran it two months and more gradual.

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    I m on synthroid and when I come off i can tell you that I gain a shit load of weight cause I get real hypo but I take it everyday cause I have no thyroid and can really tell cause my weight stays stabalized and I can eat like a horse and not hardly gain any weight. I only take 200mcg ed , im not sure what you would take with a cycle if your tryi8ng to cut up but long story short it does speed up your metabolism and raises your tsh levels.

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