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Thread: Old time user basically newbie now.

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    Old time user basically newbie now.

    My stats;
    BF 23%
    53 y/o
    30 yr firefighter/paramedic
    Reduce BF
    Increase muscle mass
    Increase energy and stamina
    Reduce pain from injuries and arthritis

    Added the ff/pmdc info to explain one part of my reasons for starting steroids . I've worked out my entire life, even got a B. S. in exercise science because of my love for working out. Unfortunately over the last few years I have suffered a few injuries from my job. I have arthritis now and recently had to have a knee replacement, torn Achilles, broken ankle etc. Anyway, my workout intensity has really suffered. I recently visited a very popular supplement shop after it was recommended by a few very "large" guys at my new gym. When I got there I was expecting to be recommended some sarms or prohormones, etc.. all of which I had tried years ago with good results along with some not so good side effects. Anyway once I'm there and talking to a "POSSIBLE" steroid user, at least a very well developed and very tan gentleman, he tells me I should talk to the nurses in their TRT office. I did and decided to go on their plan. This included a full blood panel workup which came back fine. The program they started me on is;

    Deca 60mg
    Test enanthate 70mg
    Test cypionate 70mg
    This is split into 2 doses a week 3 days apart.
    Hgh 191AA 20units daily at bedtime.
    Clomid 1x week

    My question and confusion is this. I'm in my second week now and have already started feeling and seeing some small results;
    *increased appetite
    *increased stamina and energy
    *less pain in joints (part of my reason for the deca and Hgh)

    So, from everything I've read these doses are way to low to really see a lot of anabolic effect. Are the minor effects I'm seeing placebo or truly improvements? They also said I would not have to cycle off at all.

    This is all prescribed by a physician.

    What should I expect long term from this combo?

    Thanks guys and apologies for the long post.

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    You’re results are all in your mind. A good therapeutic dose for deca is 100mg a week. It can take 4-6 weeks to feel any difference from this since deca has such a long halflife.

    Its ignorance to me to run test c and test e, id pick one preferably test c for trt. If thats 140mg that seems about right to yield decent ranges for total test. As for the clomid i have no fucking clue why a dr would prescribe that with trt and i can tell you I wouldn’t touch it.
    Never ran hgh but the avg user runs 1-5 iu per day
    As for helping you the little stack of test/deca will definitely benefit you, but not this soon. Expect real results 4th-5th week

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    We tend to be more sensitive to changes in our own body chemistry as we all can react slightly differently. Ultimately, though whether it is too early to notice any REAL changes isn't as important as the fact that you think you are. The placebo effect is real, not that I think that is going on here necessarily. Just making up our minds to do SOMETHING can lift a weight off our shoulders and make us feel better mentally, then physically we will follow. You have a plan, so that 'doing something' part is in place.

    Speaking of your plan, to @Cuz's point, it does seem a little odd. I would have some of the same questions, like why C and E? Is your HGH actual HGH or a peptide like Frag-191 or maybe something like Ipamorelin?

    Clomid CAN be used as HRT solo, but I really don't think it has a place here. I think, though maybe your doc knows something we don't, that HCG would be a better choice than Clomid. He is likely trying to maintain some basic testicular function with it, but I can't say for sure. Once a week doesn't make a lot of sense, though.

    BTW, if it seems like we are harshing you, we are not. That plan is just a little outside the norm of what we see here. It is awesome that you have decided to address your health and have a doctor that thinks outside the box!

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    So after reading everything I can find and watching every video on yt, here is what I've learned about Hgh so far.

    please correct me if I'm wrong. No hard feelings here. I'm here to learn

    * hgh has 191 amino acid chains
    * there are basically only 2 forms of "real" Hgh available
    * first is Hgh or rHgh(in my case named Hgh 191aa) which is named so because of the 191 amino acids in true Hgh.
    *secondly is Hgh(frag) which is only the portion of Hgh contained in the amino acid fragments 176 through 191 the fragments from 0 - 175 are removed.
    * Hgh191aa is actually just another name for real Hgh
    * Hgh frag (176-191) is the portion of Hgh that contains only the fat burning properties of Hgh191. All other properties of Hgh have been removed. So the frag will have none of the other effects normally see in Hgh.

    Some sources say that if you are more interested in the fat burning portion of Hgh that buying just the Hgh frag your results will be much better (up to 12x more effective). Based solely on volume in a 10iu vial you should get more 176-191 fragments in than you can putting the entire AA chain in. I suppose this would depend on the manufacturer and how they dilute the product.

    As far as my original post is concerned I was wrong in my actual daily dose. My vial contains 20iu of Hgh. It is reconstituted with 2cc's of bac water. My dose is 2iu's injected nightly. I purchased 3 vials for a one month supply. So each vial is a 10 day supply.

    Thank you all for the info. It caused me to really dig into the information available and I feel much more informed and a lot better about what I'm taking.
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