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Thread: Can Enclomiphene Permanently Damage a Healthy Young Guy's Body?

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    Can Enclomiphene Permanently Damage a Healthy Young Guy's Body?

    Im a healthy young guy who is physically active and eats a good diet. My T is around the 600s range and I wanted to try something with less suppression that injection, just to see if higher T levels are for me.

    I've done alot of research and it seems to be a safer version of clomid, which has been used for years long term in guys. But I just want to double check since very few of those studies were done on non hypogonadal men.
    I don't want to risk damaging my body, as it's working perfectly fine and I'm a young guy with years ahead of me before I would naturally need TRT.

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    How's your Free T? Total T is irrelevant.

    Big no to clomid though. Simply not necessary. Too many sides imho.

    Eat right, get enough sleep, optimize your Vit D and be consistent with your training.

    And welcome to the forum.
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    So why exactly are you wondering what higher T levels will do for you, if you're young and healthy? Tell us a bit about your stats, your goals and what your training and diet look like.
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    It’s not worth the experiment as you’ll likely just feel like crap, and at the same time you’ll get nothing out of the “cycle” that you wouldn’t get without it.
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    I'm on 50mg Clomiphene for PCT right now and I feel fine. Last week I was on 100mg, and my eyesight was starting to get a little funny, but this week I'm fine on 50mg.

    I'm only taking Clomiphene now though because I couldn't get Tamoxifen . Because of how Clomiphene affects my vision, I would have preferred Tamoxifen on its own, or High Tamoxifen with Low Clomiphene (e.g. 25mg Clomiphene). I'm getting on okay now though on 50mg Clomiphene.

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    Don’t mess with it. Not going to do anything positive for you. I would suggest you look at your diet to improve hormone. Start by cutting soy products. You will be shocked when you start paying attention to how many foods have soy. This alone will help.

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    I've played around with Enclomiphene just a little as a replacement for my Clomid HRT. I actually felt worse on Enclomiphene than I do on Clomid. That could be dosing, could be the source, could be a bunch of things. But when I went back to my regular clomid, I felt about 10 times better.

    As @kelkel pointed out, other numbers are actually more important than Total T. You will want to see your free t, DHT, E2 sensitive, and since we are talking about enclompihene, LH and FSH.

    Also, since this is in the AAS sub, not the HRT sub, I'm going to assume that you are looking for a true PED. Neither Clomid nor Enclomiphene fit that bill.

    Finally, to answer your original question, ANY drug if abused can cause harm. Enclomiphene is not a US FDA approved drug so you won't find a package insert or tons of research on it. It SHOULD perform like a better Clomid, unless it doesn't. There just isn't the history with it to say.

    My advice, which is worth about what you paid for it, btw, is run your other blood work and as @redz recommended, take a HARD look at your diet.
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