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Thread: Should I start, have started, my Arimidex regimen?

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    Should I start, have started, my Arimidex regimen?

    Hey community. Plain and simply, what is your opinion on me starting an Arimidex regimen? I have read stickies: All you need to know about GYNO; Gynecomastia: Etiology, Diagnosis, And Treatment; and "Estrogen Control, Treatment, and PCT by WARMachine". I've even had remarks on some of my own threads from other folks regarding this topic. But I wanted to start a thread solely on this topic for my specific situation, because I am still a bit conflicted on what course I should take here and would really love to hear advice from this community, experienced or not. I completely understand that everyone is different, so I'd like to give some info. PLEASE let me know what I have left out. I am brand new to this stuff, so I will try to include all of the info that I think will be needed.

    I started my first cycle ever on Dec 2nd, 2020
    Testosterone Cypionate 250mg/2x/wk (Weds/Sat) in delts only
    I'm in my upper 30s
    Weigh 190 lbs and stand 5'10"
    90% of the time I eat only fruits, veggies, lean meat, salmon, eggs, nuts, whole wheat, oatmeal and only drink water
    Take 2500 mg/day of creatine
    Drink 1 serving of casein per night
    Take 2 caps of lipid support and 2 caps of omega 3 fish oil
    From BodPod results - Body fat: 26.8%, Lean mass: 73.2%, Est. RMR: 1,658 kcal/day, Est. TEE: 2504 kcal/day
    Gyno prone? - I'm thinking no. But what do I know? I am basing this solely on 2 factors: I don't seem to be getting larger boobers (no areola growth or hardness behind the nips), and I am not really feeling any sides (that I know of anyway).
    I lift (ONLY upper body for now) every other day until I hurt
    Do 15ish minutes a day of aerobic exercise (definitely dripping sweat at the end)
    I sit on my ass about 10 hours a day, 4 days a week for my job :,(
    I also have blood test results from right before starting my cycle which I don't mind sharing if it helps. I wasn't sure if that was allowed here for some reason.

    Thanks for making it this far and reading my tome! Is there anything else I am missing? I really want to be as accurate as possible for you folks to make your best personal opinions possible for my specific situation.

    Stay fit, stay strong and stay healthy!

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    Definitely drop in your bloods, but I am firmly in the ďestrogen as high as possible without side effectsĒ camp. If youíre not having any issues, donít bother with it.
    Contrary to all of the shitty old 60s research, estrogen is cardioprotective and absolutely fantastic for lipid panels. Alex Kikel recently ran an experiment with several of his clients, had them on supraphysiological doses of test, checked blood panels, added in exogenous estrogen, checked again, and literally all of them who could tolerate the extra E2 noticed drastic improvements in blood markers. Those who couldnít due to sides, were obviously excluded because he wasnít going to give a bunch of guys permanent titties to prove a point.

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    My E2 is at 1250 pmol as we speak haven’t touched an AI should I get it down ? I don’t have any side effects either currently

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    Should I start, have started, my Arimidex regimen?

    Quote Originally Posted by Repook View Post
    My E2 is at 1250 pmol as we speak havenít touched an AI should I get it down ? I donít have any side effects either currently
    Did you have an actual sensitive estradiol test done? I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that youíre effectively at what would be the high end of normal for a menstruating woman from 500mg of testosterone .
    If the test isnít a specific LC/MS/MS Sensitive Estradiol test, the number is useless for men.
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    Actually, I am doing an expirement on myself of intentionally raising e2.
    I am from the same train of thought as Gallowmere.
    I do think that the secret lies in the test to Estrogen ratio and not just the e2 number. This is just a theory though.
    I will not be able to prove this out until after COVID-19. I live in a communist state that only allows you to have blood tests if it is ordered by a Dr. I used to go to Mexico and get bloodwork done, but I am not going to quarantine for 14 days just to have a blood test ( work requirement).

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    This is an interesting thread from an amazing forum.

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