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    Test prop + tren ace > test e + tren e

    Thoughts on the best way to transition from prop/ace onto enan?

    I’ve been running prop/ace @100mg eod

    Was thinking about

    Day 1 100mg/100mg prop/ace
    Day 2 100mg/100mg test/tren e
    Day 3 100mg/100mg prop/ace
    Day 4 100mg/100mg test/tren e
    Day 5 100mg/100mg prop/ace
    Day 6 100mg/100mg test/tren e
    Day 7 nothing
    Day 8 and after EOD 100mg/100mg test/tren e

    Idea is to give longer ester a little time to build before pulling the short esters

    Not quite sure the best way to transition so would be happy to hear thoughts


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    Have you made of graph of your blood levels of each compound?

    I made this spreadsheet a few years ago and shared the link:

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    So there is probably some value in looking at it that way... but it is probably a gross oversimplification given the pharmacokinetics of the drugs (and their UGL origin). There’s some rate at which the esters are removed so it’s not just a simple exponential decay to calculate blood concentration of bio active molecules.

    I’m sure I’d be fine to just switch when I finished the ace but though maybe 3 pins would give a good lead in without amping my total bio active concentrations too much.

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