Just a general discussion on water weight and high Estrogen. For learning purposes.

Is there any real correlation between high Estrogen and water weight?

Hypothetically, let's say you wanted to reduce your water weight for whatever situation. Beach weekend, photo shoot, making weight for competition, or just generally not liking the puffiness. Whatever your reason... You're short on time.

Let's also say you've reduced your sodium intake, reduce your carbohydrate intake, and you're out of time. But you do not use an AI normally. And keep a pretty high e2 of 75 with no side effects. (That's where mine was at on my last blood work results for reference)

Now you add in the normal recommended dose of Arimidex at 0.25mg per day or 0.5mg every other day.

Reducing your e2 to something in the 40s maybe? (Just guessing, I've never taken an AI)

Will they're actually be any water weight reduction?

If so, how long does that take to be effective?

(Of course this will be different for every person. Overall body weight, body fat percentage, diet, muscle mass, etc etc etc. Also, I'm not looking for water weight cutting tips. This is just something I'm curious about.)