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    i have done a few cycles of winny and one of fina i took about 9 months off of working out and now i a getting back into it and right now i am on deca (my first time using) i am taking 50cc everyother day. i am just trying to get what i had back i lost about 15 pounds because i was not working out at all. but i have done 2 weeks and i am not feeling the gains that i had with winny. is deca different in it's gains or am i not taking enough (i did about the same amount with winny) can i get some direction or may i have gotton some bad stuff

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    I think you should lay off the steroids and read up first and figure out what your doing.

    You need some test in there for one.

    Second deca takes a good 4-6wks to even feel it.

    Third I doubt your taking in 50cc EOD. If you meant 50mg EOD thats not enough to do anythign as far as gains anyways.

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