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Thread: Finasteride and minoxidil spray? Hair loss?

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    Finasteride and minoxidil spray? Hair loss?

    So going to be running mast and want a dht blocker. Saw this spray by himself. Looks like a finasteride and minoxidil in one spray.

    Any thoughts on this stuff. Not gonna use oral finasteride so don't suggest that. Wondering if the same side effects come along in this spray.

    [URL unfurl="true"] n=16875154943&utm_term=--&utm_content=&mt=&utm_platform=m&utm_product=?utm_ source=google&utm_medium=pla&utm_campaign=16875154 943&utm_term=--&utm_content=&mt=&utm_platform=m&utm_product=shop_ hair&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIoLekuKu69wIVlgaICR2BxAPuEAQ YASABEgIWCfD_BwE[/URL]

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    I could be wrong but I've heard that finasteride only helps for dht converted from testosterone and won't have any affect against dht steroids such as mast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rise_against View Post
    I could be wrong but I've heard that finasteride only helps for dht converted from testosterone and won't have any affect against dht steroids such as mast.
    This is technically accurate, but I would like to expand upon it a bit.

    Finasteride and it's cousin Dutasteride are both 5 alpha reductase (5AR) inhibitors. In the human male body, 5AR is the process that converts testosterone into DHT. 5AR may have other roles in the body, but that is the primary one and the one we are concerned with. Fina and dutasteride both block this process, similarly to how arimidex blocks the conversion of test to estrogen. Both fina and dutasteride are almost ruthlessly efficient in the process, btw, unless microdosed or, some reports indicate, taken topically.

    So, it is correct to say that fina won't have any impact on Masteron , but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a place in cycles or trt.

    Beware: below here be conjecture. I have no first hand evidence to substantiate this, it is in effect a working theory at this point.

    Almost all well thought out, male AAS cycles are going to include testosterone. Testosterone can convert to DHT, which by itself may not be a bad thing: DHT is an important hormone for men. It is the scale we want to control, especially when we add a DHT based compound like var or masteron. In those cases, we don't really need all that conversion taking place, so we can tamp it down a bit more than we would normally. We are getting our DHT effect from the other drugs, letting our natural 5AR do its thing might push us into dangerous (aka hair loss, prostate issues) territory. Thus, in this case, while we are not impacting the AAS, we are controlling overall (negative, hopefully) impact of DHT.

    Some would argue, rightly so in some cases, that less is more. That is, don't add a DHT derivative then pound your natural DHT into the dirt. There is some merit to this. If you know that you are susceptible to DHT sides, maybe skip those compounds. But, the flip side of that is that those compounds bring more than just DHT, so it is a balancing act. Also, some of us (myself included) have very "hardy" 5AR - I can just look at var and feel my prostate swell.

    Did it sound like I know what I'm talking about? If so, tread lightly lol! What I know so far is from my own lab ratting and from info shared by other members here... In other words:

    I am not a doctor!

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    I’ve seen mixed reviews about the Topical Finasteride & Minoxidil Spray. Some people say it works by stopping hair loss and even making hair thicker. On the other hand, I heard many people that said the side effects were so bad, that they stopped the treatment before seeing results. The truth about any loss hair treatment is that there is no-one-size-fits-all solution. Moreover, it’s better to consult a specialist that will evaluate your situation and provide the best treatment for your problem. There are many types of supplements and medication, there are changes you can make in your lifestyle, there’s even the chance to get a hair transplant at, so you need to find the best solution that helps you.
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    Agree with Cylon. Know that the DHT's that we use are DHT derivatives, not actual DHT. Meaning they are not affected by the 5 Alpha Reductase Enzyme that converts test to DHT and Estrogen is the aromatas enzyme.
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    A few comments:

    If you want to suppress DHT, do so with follow-up bloodwork to maintain a physiological level. Infraphysiologic levels, via finasteride inducement, may increase chances of high grade prostatic carcinomas to a small degree. There is debate around this in the medical community (surrounding Gleason scoring bias among other issues), but my urologist deems it to be a serious concern.

    Minoxidil. Get your GP or dermatologist to write a prescription for the minoxidil pills. They are way cheaper that topical OTC stuff, more effective, and none of the mess. My dermatologist recommends this route. I think, for me, $11 buys a 90 day supply.
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