I used pergolide, started with taking half a 25mg pill a day. I would get a uneasy stomach every time but did not think it was really from the pergolide.

After a few days, I took a full 25mgs before work and had to go home early. I’ve never missed a day of work in my entire life, even when I was a kid. I was puking up the BBQ chicken I had for break fast and could not even stand in one spot. I had to walk around or sit down and turned green.

I’ve been taking Vit B6, about 1000mgs a day (2 doses 500mgs each Am/Pm) that seems to be helping with the build up. Though I think it may just be a “band aid” for the problem.

I’ve heard of pergolide making other people sick as well, so be careful with it. I can just imagine some people taking 2 of those things and I would truly cry for them if they did and felt like I did after 1!