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    ever lose strength on a cycle?

    I started my cycle of sus last friday only 1cc, which i plan on upping to 2cc's a week for the rest of the cycle. Anyway, the first three days after i injected my strength went through the roof, now it seems to be going back to normal. I inject again this friday.

    Just wondering if anyone else had there strength come and go while on a cycle?

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    Your strength "gains" were most likely a placebo effect. Even on pure test prop, I don't "feel" it until about 10 days into the cycle. Unless you frontload the sustanon , don't expect to reach optimal blood levels until weeks 4-5 because of the decanoate ester.

    But to answer your question...if everything is kicking and my strength is dropping instead of steadily increasing, I'm overtraining, my diet is flawed, or I'm not getting enough rest/recovery.

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