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    would trade fina30ml for primo 20ml????

    I have a bottle fina 30ml(3000mg) and test prob 200mg I was wondering if I sold it and with the money I could get 20 pins of primo and 25 pills of winny 50mg? which would make me more impressive like I want to be. I want to look lean and muscular but I know we all want that but I don't want to be so huge if you know what I mean. This is my last eyar of college and I want to end it with a bang. I have my t-3 cardio and diet checked!

    2nd question. if I stick to my fina----75mg fina eod and test good enough or 75mg fina ed and test? do you really have to do ed from experience?

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    I'd try to scrape up some extra cash and get some ** winny tabs and end the test/fina cycle w/ them.

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