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    EQ brainteaser!!

    all theese years i been on this site. i still canot figure out this shit about eq. it is not a dht derivative and doesnt convert to dht.. yet i dont get why people say they lost hair from it. maybe it was some other shit they were taking ??? as for armotization it would only armotize in high doses such as 800 per week.. well slightly.. thats like a 1 out of 10 chance. does anyone sweat alot while on eq? and what the hell causes hair loss on eq?????????? i hope some1 can answer this.

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    Well, it does have a low affinity to the the 5-alpha reducatase enzyme. But it can still convert to dihydroboldenone (like DHT).

    Its aromatation may be low, but thats not 1 out of 10. It means the overall converstion percentage is low, not that it hardly converts in any people at all.

    There are other non-AR mediated affects that may cause hair recession though. I dont really know for sure, but it could be DHT related. IF your really prone, a slight increase in DHT compounds will have a noticeable impact.

    Sweating is from the increase in red blood cells.

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    yea I sweat a lot more while on Eq come to think of it.. But I drink a ton of water and have also take electrolytes...

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