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    not tellin

    my experience with and without anti-e

    my first cycle was very shity i just wanted to experiment with test so i got a bottle of QV enanathate 250mg per ml. so i took a shot on monday and thursday everyweek for 5 weeks. on the 3rd or 4th week i blew up 10 pounds and my strength increased alot and my sex drive was very high. now im on my 7th week of my new cycle which is exactly the same but 10 weeks of QV enanathate and .5mg of liquidex everyday as of right now i have not gained any weight or strength and my sex drive hasnt changed. i am eating 3200 cals a day i have ate 4000 cals a day but was putting on fat so stopped that. pheedno is taking same batch number as me and says its working so the only thing i can think of is that i should stop taking my liquidex. or my bottle of test is way underdosed because again no sex drive no strenght increase and no weight gain. my diet is good so its not that. i have done much research on my diet. so please help i wasted a whole lot of money on this. i think that i am going to have some blood work done to see where my estrogen and test is at. i know i have posted about this before but i didnt get the info i wanted everyone was saying that it is my diet or some other factor besides the liquidex but i have everyhting in check good to go. so it has to be the liquidex or my bottle is way underdosed.

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    Anti-es have nothign to do with it. They cant. Look at how they work and act.

    Diet and Training is your problem (if your gear is in fact good that is)

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    there are some threads on this board that are saying that some batches of QV enanthate are underdosed. There seems to be a lot of people having the same problem that you are with QV enanthate.

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    or maybe it's fake that copied a real lot number post a picture

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    I think it's the gear (bunk or under dosed).... I used nolva at 20mg a day from day 1 on my cycle running QV Cyp at 400mg a wk. I put on almost 25lbs. and kept 17lbs of it.

    There's no way that anti-e's will cause you not to gain at all. I can see not gaining as much as you did without the anti-e's on your 1st cycle but that extra weight was water. Get some blood work done or get your gear tested.

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