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    Talking ANADROL 50 is Amazing!!!!

    Hey bros!!!!

    Just started my cycle this last weekend which looks like this::

    wks 1-4 Anadrol 100mg ed
    wks 1-12 Test Enathate 500mg wk
    wks 1-5 Proviron 50mg day
    and of course proper post cycle treatment.

    Anyway, I've had the test in my system for only 2 days now so no results from the test yet. But the A-bombs, holy shit guys when people said it was the strongest stuff out there I didnt think that it could be that much stronger than D-bol. And now after 2 days and two workouts I'm already up 3lbs ( water weight for now )!! I'm getting pumps just writing with a pen or walking up stairs. Its insane. But the bloating has already started too. I havent started the proviron yet cause I wanted to see how bad I would need it or not and man I need, just two days and I'm already bloated ( not too bad yet but still ). Does anyone have more advice on how to keep down bloating??


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    run nolva, i dont think proviron is effective against a-50. on a-50 ur gonna get bloated. i i were u i would leave the bloat till week 4 and then run nolva to get rid of water. run ti for 7 days to flush some water !

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    hey gundam just curious as why you would leave the bloat till week 4? do you think that the nolva will hinder the gains? thanx

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