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Thread: clen or clom

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    clen or clom

    just wanting some opinions. what do you guys think for the post cycle stuff. clen or clomid. i am planning on taking one or the other the last few weeks or cycle and continuing a few weeks after cycle is over. i can get either one so it doesn't matter to me but just kind of curious what some of you guys would recommend.

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    You need to run clomid for PCT. You can run the clen /ECA to help with energy levels durring the PCT period.

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    Clen and clomid are used for different reasons bro.
    Use the clomid for post cycle therapy , to help normalize your body's test function. 300/100/50.
    Use the clen as a fat burner, two weeks on, two weeks off. Also, clen helps keep your body from going catabloic and burning muscle.

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    Clen is usually used in a cutting cycle. Clomid is a MUST for post cycle. Also think about having some Nolvadex , depending on your cycle, for possible gyno. But I cannot stress enough about the need for Clomid!

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