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    Heart Conditioning while on AAS

    I have just started a bulking cycle consisting of karachi sus and pink thais.

    the cycle is dbol at 35mg for 5 weeks and 500mg of sustanon a week split into 2 shots a week for 10 weeks. i have nolvadex on hand, and will follow up with a proper clomid therapy.

    question is, with weight gain/muslce gain the blood pressure will go up and other than eating a clean diet, and limiting fast foods, sometimes i eat junk food as eating 5000 calories cleanly is hard for me, how much cardio in terms of minutes and frequency per week should be done to keep the heart healthy. i was thinking of stair master at 25 minutes three times a week, is this too much or too little.


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    personally i do cardio ed for 30 mins but i need it, the thing is with juice like tren or dbol i find it very hard to do cardio, it really is a bitch, makes u feel so unfit. So i would just do what you can or what you feel comfortable with, 3 x per week at 25 mins sounds ok to keep up some cardiovascular fitness, however if you were cutting, which i dont think you are, i would suggest something different totally


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    i still dont understand why guys want to do cardio while bulking ! all it does is increase then umber of calories u require to gain muscle. u already need alot of calories, why make it more !

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    I have cardio while bulking to have a clean bulk mass...

    Because I think that bulking has to be lean mass, and while on it, if I can leave some fat or bloat behind...

    I am on a cycle, and I interrupted now, for 2 days, my use of furosemide, because of muscle cramps while on the treadmill. I just do 10 minutes a day, just to keep the blood flowing, so, maybe I will need more to prevent bloating...

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