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    question about steroids and perscription drugs

    hey fellas, i have a question. can anyone give me guidance to where i can find info about takeing anabolics while being on perscription drugs like ritilin or addarol for ADD. thanks

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    how old are you ?

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    try using the search button, there are a few threads with those key words that can help you out.

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    My doc will only write my script for adderall with the understanding that I will not it with AS. She states there is a higher risk of heart attack/stroke when both are mixed. Probably due to elevated BP.

    Have you tried the Adderall XR. I have tried nearly all ADD meds(Medatem Ritalin SR, Ritalin ER, Concerta) and can not find anything that provides coverage all day. I get about 6 hours on the Addreall XR (the best so far) and then crash about lunch time. Need something to get me through about 12 hours.

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