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Thread: Legality of DNP

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    Legality of DNP

    is it legal to buy the powder in the us from a chemical company?

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    I thought that stuff was hazmat. That might make it tricky.


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    Yes and No. (I think).

    There was a post about this before I think, not 100% sure, but I think that it is "legal" to buy the stuff, but only if you are a legit business, or if it is being used for "legal" purposes or wutever. Basically, wut I'm saying is any individual off the block can't just order it, but ind. companies and other shit like that can buy it. I think, but I got no idea wtf i'm talking about

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    You can buy it in bulk, encapsulize it yourself, and hope nothing happens to you. God for bid,,from what I read , it's some wicked shit,, and I would definately be careful. good luck..

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    i know feds in the US keep a very close eye on that shit...XXL

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