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    Angry Ordered from LR a month ago... still nothing?

    I ordered July 15th.... after subsequent emails they finally told me that it shipped express July 28th. I still have to receive the product, I'm tired of emailing them over and over with no response. Is there any way of getting a charge back on my credit card or should I just forget about it and try my luck with a different research lab? Thanks bros

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    I am very surprised to hear this, as I've always had excellent service with them. They wouldnt always respond to emails right away, but my last order took 10 days so they sent me 3 free vials of nolva! I would expect your stuff to come shortly with plenty of free ones in there too. Email them again just for the hell of it, as everyone Ive ever talked to about them has said they will take care of u

    And if you do decide to try to just get your money back, all you have to do is call your credit card company, say you never recieved the product, then it is up to the shipper to prove it was shipped or you get your credit back. This was the case with Visa for me on a failed ebay bid. Other CC's im not sure about but I would expect the same.

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    ,arrrgggggg...dont like those took me a month to get mine and 958,125,483 e-mails to get them to send it. and when it got here 1 was smashed and NO free product was sent with it when they promised too

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    If its the same LR that i have dealt with they are having a small delay in shipping because they have had such a huge increase in business. I just recieved from them after a small delay with a nice gift inside for my patience. They are good people IMO and have excellent prices. Sorry to sound like an infomercial lol.

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    You need to PM mikebayou, I dont know if he is on this board but he resolves all complaints on Steroidology within a day or two. Sometimes they overlook some orders, they have been very busy. I'm sure you'll get some free stuff out of it, though.


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    liquidresearch here

    Hi, this liquidresearch here, email me with your shipping info I will take care of you, also this is a great board and glad to be here

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