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    i got my milk thistle...

    i posted days ago about taking dbol to keep me full during my keto diet 10 mg a day. some say i dont need liver protection but i just got a free bottle of milk thistle that contains ala from my local heath store. how many mgs of milk thistle do i need while taking 10 mg of dbol a day? and how should i take it.. dbol first?? or the milk thistle?? im also taking 1 capsule of hydroxycut per day to help me hit ketosis hard. will this interact with the dbol?? for those who dont know im taking 400 mg of enanthate per week. so this aint a dbol only cycle lol.

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    your ala contains milk thistle??? there both anti oxidants. Any hoo, I take 1gm per day/ed wherther it be ona cycyle or not.

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    IMO none. MT is crap. The dose you would need for actual liver protection is beyond the lethal dose according to the only studies Ive actually seen on them not including the one on poisonous mushrooms.

    Get Tylers Liver Detox or some r-ALA if you really care.

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