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    Stuck mid cycle.

    Ok I know I should never have started my cycle without having all of it first but this is what happened. I recieved the first 10 amps and started my cycle I was just going to do 250mg of sustanon a week but right before I started it was reccomended to me to double that so I did.

    I then placed an order for 10 more amps and my post cycle clomid. Well it has been over a month and the site that I ordered my cycle from is no longer responding to me and my package is not coming so I am left halfway through my cycle almost out of my gear and with no post cycle clomid. I know it is my fault for not having all my gear when I started. What should I do I am desperate? what can I take instead of clomid what will half a cycle do for me or not do for me.

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    Hey lecture required here, you know you screwed up.

    Can you get some HCG at least, if no Clomid??

    I will assume you have NO ACCESS to gear or post gear meds for the time being.

    Do it the ole fashion way. Better than nothing and sitting around doing nothing. Try Chrysin and Trib Terrestris, perhaps some HCG and or CLomid or better yet more sauce will appear, in the near future.

    Susta, I presume.....??? At least the LT esters (decanoate) will be floating around for three more weeks. This should buy you enough time to go a knockin' on another sources door.


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