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Thread: Summer Touch Up

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    Cool Summer Touch Up

    As soon as i get off my cutting cycle i am planning on taking2 or 3 months off then right before summer/latespring i am hoping i can add 15-20lbs quality muscle while keeping Bf to a minimum how does this cycle look.

    Weeks 1-10
    Equipose 500mg (Two weekly 250mg shots)
    Test Prop 100mg Eod

    Weeks 11-13
    Clomid 100mg/ 50mg/ 50mg ED

    Weeks 11-12
    Clen 2,3,4,5,6,6,6 6,6,6,6,6,6,6

    Any Advice of help would be greatly aprreciated.
    Am i going to put alot of fat and water from this cycle? let me know

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    I dont know man 15-20lbs seems a bit high maybe 10 is rerasonable if you want solid weight. I would add something to that like some enethate aT 500/WEEK or d-ball 35-50MG/DAY that should do the trick for 15lbs. Before i ever tried juice i thought it was a wonder drug. But when i tried it it really isnt unless you take crazy amounts of it. 20-30 pound expectations of solid mass are not reasonable in my opinion. Maybe GH insulin and anadrol but EQ and prop i dont think so. I think a 10 pounds of solid mass is about what youll gain. GOOD LUCK. Train hard and eat right.

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