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Thread: anti-es ?

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    anti-es ?

    does anyone know of any over the counter anti-estrogen supps. that work? if so please tell me the name and maker

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    i wouldnt risk it... i'd go with nova/liquidex

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbulldog
    i wouldnt risk it... i'd go with nova/liquidex
    I also agree.... I would never risk taking a otc product. If you can't get your anti-e's from your source then get them from a research site and get the liquid versions of the anti-e's.

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    Haven't tried it myself, but aparently the research and feedback on 6-oxo by ergopharm shows that it actually works to some degree as an anti-aromatase.
    Personally I would never risk something so huge as possibly growing tits. Try doing a search for "liquid and clomid" in google and see what you come up with

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