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    Farmacia Question..Pls advise!

    Ok brothers I'm in S. America (no not Florida or Georgia or any other place like that I'm south of the Equator! ) and I went to a Farmacia and they don't understand some of the names I gave them. What would be the Spanish versions or names for them? I can get clen for like $5 a bottle! so I'll pick some of them up and I wanted to find the following:
    Primobolan Orals
    basically orals and de chica asked me what are they for and I'm like hell I want to add them for the next 3 cycles I do.

    Also, what would be the suggestion for getting them back via customs? Do the dogs know the smell of primo?
    Any help would be great I may be here till thurs or next thurs and any quick response would be great! Thanks bro's!

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    The clen you get for 5 bucks a bottle is Oxyflux Clen - 50 pills in a bottle. I'd steer clear of this and either go with the liquid spiropent or the pill version.

    Check this page out :
    Click on the name you want and it'll bring up different names in different countries.

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