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Thread: Anadrol cycle??

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    Anadrol cycle??

    I started a Anadrol /Testosterone cypionate cycle almost 3 weeks today. And my question for anybody out there is that this is my first time cycling and during the first week i was taking 50mg a day and i noticed that my exercise workout was very intense and i noticed a huge increase in body size and weight alomst 17lbs in a week and a half. But on the second week i increased the dosage to 100mg of anadrol a day taking them both at the same time and i had no motivation to hit te weights and i remained close to a 20lbs gain in body weight. I guess my question is how come when i take 50mg i am an animal in the gym but when i upped the dosage i never felt like i got a good workout in.

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    If its your first time, stick with 50mg.

    Also at 100mg your BP could be a high causing you to just feel generally shitty.

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    I agree. Stick with the 50mg bro.

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    agreed with the first two responses, You should feel better back down at 50 mg

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    Dude...dont be so damn greedy...youre making great gains. More isn't always better. The weak non-motivated feeling was probably your body trying to heal your liver.


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    stick to 50, I heard high doses is not good with this drug

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