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    Need opinions on my cycle.

    Week 1 - 4 a50s. 1 a day.
    Week 1 - 20 test cyp 500mg.
    Week 1 - 20 EQ 400mg.
    Week 16 - 22 fina 150 mg eod.
    Week 22 - 30 clomid 500mg 1st week. then descending 50mg per week.

    I know it's a long cycle but this is going to be my last cycle "again".
    I want it to be good. I can deal with the extended clomid because i like taking it. Sometimes i just take it for a week just because i want to boost my natural test. Anyway. Hows it look?


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    It is long and it is somewhat ambitious, but I'm a fan of longer cycles, and if you know you can handle something of this duration, why not? However, if you're quite a few in (which I'd suspect you are if you're calling this you "last again") wouldn't doses more in the range of 750 and 600mgs respectively for the test and eq be a little more up your alley?

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    You don't need to know
    I'll bet the ranch this won't be your last cycle bro
    We've all said that before and that's a little on the light side for test and eq.
    Go it like BG said.

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    It looks good if you're into the longer cycles.....Good luck and keep us posted.....

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