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    Test Oil Mixing?

    Has anyone ever experirmented with mixing say Sust, Enat, Cyp, and Eq.

    I had a friend who went to Mexico and brought back a bunch of gear but mixed it all in one bottle to avoid the border check worries. All of the substances are oil based and he was wondering if he has just screwed himself out of some good gear or made a super cocktail.

    What are the different 1/2 lives of those 4 oils...I know sust has 4 different esters in it but overall what is the effective 1/2 life of it.

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    test is test, mix them or dont mix them but dont think anything special will happen from mixing. Nothing will be wasted but you will have to find out the concentration of that mix. Enanthate /Cypionate are basically the same thing, so is the Sust but combination of esters rather than single ester. The Eq is nice in there.

    I dont know if that answered your q or not though

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    Like IG said, test is test. You're going to have to find out the amount and concentrations that were combined, then calculate the strength per ml to for dosing. The EQ is a nice addition in there, although if the concentration of EQ to test is low you might not see much benefit from it rather than taking some injection pain away...

    Let us know what was mixed and how much if you still need help...

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