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    What is Deca Dick???? I have done research and I can not find out what it is!!!!

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    Its where you can't get a hard on because of deca .


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    Quote Originally Posted by BulkT
    What is Deca Dick???? I have done research and I can not find out what it is!!!!
    might i be a little blunt you like pussy?...well your head may like it but your dick well he might as well be on me i have been dick went limp while inside the pussy...not a good moment ...women tend to take it personally

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    You need to balance deca with test, so you can still get wood.

    shortdaddy- i find that hard to believe, i know that would never happen to me.

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    It depends on the person and the dose... as well as the stack. If you run 400mg per week or more of Deca (a 19-nortestosterone) without testosterone or even something like Dianabol - it's likely you would end with a case of Deca Dick. It's nothing permanent - it's just a shitty side effect of the hormone while it's in your system. For most people - its hardly acceptable... no pun intended

    Adding a testosterone is synergistic to the Deca and will turn you from walking with a limp to feeling like a dog in heat...

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    deca dick is a myth. an urbad legend made up by someone who couldn't get it up.

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