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    Receptor Question

    I've read around and there are two opinions on receptors. 1 that they get saturated and that they wouldn't take in whatever your taking as well, and 2 they don't get saturated but regenerate. I don't know which one is correct, but I am wondering if there is a method/supplament that can Unsaturate/regenerate your receptors faster. A buddy told me there was a supplement that totally cleared out your system so it could take in nutrients better, but I doubt that would clear out my receptors. Thanks.

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    The AR receptors regernerate constantly.

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    They both are correct. They get saturated but they continue to "regenerate" as well. Not to mention the Non Receptor mediated effects. I don't know of any substance that clears out receptors although some hypothesize T3 speeds up the process. Drive was completely useless for this and everything else in my opinion.

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    what Rickson said - and yes, Drive was the most overhyped Ausie garbage ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by CYCLEON
    what Rickson said - and yes, Drive was the most overhyped Ausie garbage ever

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