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    Letrozole-Anti-e: Insulin Like Properties

    I read on here that Letrozole has insulin like properties... what does this mean as far as putting on fat? will a person be more prone to storing fat since it is important to keep insulin levels stable during cutting?

    Has anyone experienced liquidex to be better. All I see is that people are claiming letrozole to have a better affect, based on experiences.

    I am running liquidex at the moment but it's not as effective as I would like it to be. I am going to switch over if i can get some good feedback.


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    I am taking Letrozole right now, and am taking it after my workouts....thinking this would be the best time. Of course coupled with my post workout meal.

    Id love to hear some opinions on this specific IGF-1/ Letrozole question!


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    I ran letrozole in a previous cycle and loved it. Had minimal bloat and no signs of gyno what-so-ever. Taking liquidex in my current cycle and not seeing the same results. Had some slight signs of gyno, but nothing that a little nolva couldn't handle.

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