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    does stenox(halo) shut you down

    and is it wise to use it at the last part of your cycle

    test 1-10 500wk
    halo 6-10 30mg ed

    would this be good

    I have the stuff and want to use it will work well

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    All i can tell you stear away from stenox its very toxic personally i would never use it. Although if you do take a shit load of milk thisle. I woulf feel bad for your kidneys and liver

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    but i put it in in the beginning for 4-5 weeks.if i do it for 5 weeks i use 20mgs a day.if i do it 4 weeks i use 30mgs.just don't go over 5 weeks on it.hit up the milk thistle like Russian said.i love the stuff

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    will it work well at the end of a cycle

    and does it shut you down so you have to use clomid

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    block, u'll be using it along side your TEST.. so u'll have to use clomid ANYWAY..

    or are u asking if it alone will shut u down?.. if so, im not sure on the answer, but i would think that it would.

    but just run it like u said and use clomid

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    Yes it will shut you down! It's a strong androgen that doesn't aromatise very easy. It will give you great strength and hardness,
    with no water retention. you won't gain much as far as weight?

    I'd run it at the end of your cycle, but not more than 4 weeks!

    I use to take them when I was powerlifting, to gain enormous
    strength without gaining the weight you get from the tests,
    trying to keep the weight down for weight classes.I use to take
    it with 300mgs of primo a week, good quality gains without the water!

    But Halo's are one of the most toxic AAS out there? So take it easy. split the dose up twice a day for hardness, or once a day
    for explosive strength, depends on your goals?

    I've taken 40mgs a day, while having my blood monitired for
    liver enzymes etc..

    Normal enzymes for 25-30 years old should be in the 20-35E

    On d-bol my Enzymes were 42E
    On Halo my Enzymes were 48E

    Liver damage occurs at 100-120E

    You may respond differently, but those were safe levels for me?

    You'll need the clomid!

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    will stenox do the trick I no that it is only 2.5 mg so you have to take a tone of it

    is the stuff full strenth or a little light

    and are there fakes its maid by alantis mexico same people that make sten

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