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Thread: I'm shrinking

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    Angry I'm shrinking

    I am a week into a two week cycle of Clen .(12345666654321) - I'm at the first six. I have been loosing some fat, but I also lost just over an inch in my arms. I've read that clen is supposed to be anti-catabolic, but I was wondering if it can burn muscle as well as fat for some people. Or, If I have some bunk shit that could be eating away at my arms. I am considering stopping the clen today, but I won't if you guys don't think that is my problem.

    I have been off of an 8 cycle of Deca 200 for a month and a half. I don't think I could be loosing muscle from comming of that this late but let me know. My diet, workouts, and everything has remained constant except for a little more cardio. Give me your best advice,


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    How much cardio?

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    I have no experience with clen (yet) but everything I've read has indicated's recommended that you use one something like primobolan or winstrol when using clen (or cytomel -T3) as it reduces the chance of lean tissue breakdown. I plan on doing a pre-contest stack of clen, T3 and primo this coming winter.

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    You will almost always loose some muscle when you loose fat. That is why you want to loose the fat SLOWLY: 1-2 lbs a week at most.

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