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    what to take off cycle?

    im about to finish a cycle of 500mg/test dep/week for 8 weeks..i ran d bol at 30mg/day for the first 6 weeks..i have enough clomid for post cycle...question is are there any supplements which would be good to take during off cycle such as products from impact nutrition or others? im not familiar with what supplements work best..Also, ive been told i could go straight into another cycle if i switch to a milder steroid like primobolan ..that advice doesnt sound right but any thoughts on that would be appreciated also..

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    just keep up your nutrition and suplement and training program from before, plenty of protien and vitamins, all suplements are is things to replace your diet with or what you eat, so basically you should be eating a healthy diet or taking the necasary suplements year round weather you are on juice or off juice, i would not add any prohormones while off though

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    time on = time off .. just finish your PCT, take some creatine, and start planning your next one if you like. But make sure you take adequate time off.


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