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    Cutting Cyle Diet, Body Opus, Ketgenic

    I will start a winny eq clen cytomel cycle in a few... Im thinking of doing a body opus or ketogenic diet. where you eat no carbs on weekdays and carb up on weekends. what are your experiences with these. please no responses from flamers that do not know anything about carbohydrate restrictive diets please, thats what my mom is for.

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    body opus is hard to follow because of having to wake up all night long on the weekends to do the carb load. if you have the book, it's obviously easy to follow that way, but i didn't like it. it's not going to keep any mass on you and if you have no real mass, you'll look like a skinny ripped guy. try it if you like but it's not the best diet i've tried. ask your mom, i was telling her about it last week. lol. good luck with it.

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