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    Diuretics experts only please

    Preparing for a contest in 6 weeks and getting my diuretics together instead of using lasix this time am wanting to try aldactone 100mg a day last 5 days and also dyazide but not sure at what dose am looking for someone who has experiece or a steroid book with this info all my books are packed away right now but need this info asap thanks for all your help.

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    well im no expert on diuretics cause im not into competition - but here is what i found for ya - hope it helps

    Aldactazide: (spironolactone and hydrochlorothiazide)

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    First off, make sure your lean otherwise no amount of diaredics will save you. As for the dyazide if i remeber correctly works very similar to Lasix, but a bit more powerful. Be careful or you will go flat, with lasix/dyazide less is more, trust me i found out hard way and looked like a water bag on stage.

    Aldactone start that anywhere from 20-10 days out, 5 will not be enought.

    I would try something like this, aldactone for 15 days, night of show have some INJECTABLE lasix, much easier to control than oral, if you feel you need lasix start with about 10-12mg (about 1/2 amp around 7pm, wait a few hours if you need it take a bit more, and continue until you are happy. Lasix will make you flat if you don't need it don't take it. Injectable lasix will start to work within 10-15min. and be done withing 30-40 was in and out very fast.

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