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    Antibiotics & Gear - Is it OK?


    My last injection was 4 days ago TEST Pro. and Eth. I am ending my cycle and I am going to use clomid two weeks after last injection.

    My question is:

    Can I use Zithromax (an Antibiotic) right now? Is this good or bad? Can it hurt me in anyway? Remember, I am ending my cycle and don't plan to start again for a long time.

    Thanks guys!

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    antibiotics for the most part are okay while on gear.
    here is some info on z-pack

    from what i think, zpack should be okay... but what reason are you using it for?
    most antibiotics affect a different mechanism in your body (different ribosomes binding at different sites) so they would not interfere with a gear user... but you arent on anymore, right?... you are in clomid therapy so it should be totally fine.
    good luck

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    Thanks bro.

    Taking to help get rid of zits and other skin bateria.

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