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    HELP with my cycle!!


    You mods have been great and aswell with the information sharing!!! THis is what makes this the best board for AS!!!!

    Guys, I am planning my first stack and and my stats are 29 yrs, 6'1, 195 with 10-12%BF. I work out 4-5 times a week and have reached my plateu. I am ready to stack. Heres the gear I have...

    Sust 250 (10 Shots)
    Russian DBOL (200 Tabs)

    Can any one design a cycle with the gear I have?? I was debating to hold out on the Fina and use it with Winstrol for a 2nd cutting cycle in March.

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    well u should get some more sus, 10 shorts will only last u 5 weeks at 250mg a shot. Run the sus 8 to 10 weeks @ 500mg. Run the dbol for the first 4 weeks at 35mg/ed and forget about fina for ur first cycle. Life is about moderation, just like u don't go and bench 300lbs ur first day at the gym. U start off low and work up, using fina on ur first cycle is like trying to bench 300 ur first time.

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    Listen to Full Intense,
    He's making a hell of alot of sense!
    Although I am not a steriod guru, from what I have heard fina is VERY TOXIC SHIT. It should be held off for as long as possible. Check with Mike or one of the other Mods before you begin fooling around with that stuff, I'm sure that they can come up with a better alternative. Good luck,

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    Mike Guest
    Ok - you really wanna gain mass? First off YES hold off on the fina - cutting cycle with winny or not I dont think you should use it just yet - and by the way - it doesnt burn fat contrary to popular belief

    I think you should stack your dbol in for the first 4wks at 35mg/day now you dont have enough sus to do a full cycle with - you should either use it for the first 5wks and throw in test E or something to that effect for 8wks - at around 400mg/wk - I would also suggest EQ in there at 4-600mg/wk...oh shit this is getting

    Wks 1-4
    Dbol 35mg/day

    Wks 1-10
    Deca 400
    EQ 500
    Test 500/wk (you can either cycle another test and use the sus to front load or you can run a cycle with half sus and half....whatever (more sus or another test) or you can dump the sus completely and send it to me and cycle test enanthate for 10wks at 500mg/wk)

    clomid at the end and definitely with nolv around - might want to run airmidex through cycle as well

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    Yeah Im with Mike here...good post Mike!

    Why not front-end load both your sus and deca ...with the dbol as a kickstart you'll be rocking in no time....

    So I guess yeah man get some gear if you can


    P.S Get A Dog Up Ya!

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