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    I am beginning my second cycle early next month and i had a question regarding finaplix . First off, this will be my second cycle ever. I am 6'0, 225 pounds with 15% bf. I have been training intensively for about two years now. My first cycle consisted of 400mg of t 200 for 5 weeks, and 200mg of Eq for ten weeks, followed up with some clen and clomid two weeks post cycle. My next cycle will be 20mg of dbol ed for 5 weeks and 400 mg of Eq for ten weeks along with fina for weeks 5-10. My question on finaplix is that once you converted it into an injectable form, can you then use dmso to transdermally administer it? I know if you just crush up the pellets you take in all the clue and binding stuff that is not good for your body. I do plan on injected it as much as possible but the less injections the better. Please advise me if you think this would work, and if not how often and how much do i dose the fina for injection? thanks

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    To each his own, but IMO inject it everyday 1ml. I do a test/fina injection eod & fina/winny ed. I also shoot in the delts & tris, I find it's less painful then my glutes (go figure)...

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    I gotta agree. I shoot fina every day, and mix T200 in the shot every other day. I like it best in delts, biceps, triceps, and quads. I hate glutes......

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    20 mgs of dbol isnt enough bro. you need at least 35-40 mgs per day. using fina transdermally isnt nearly as effective as injecting it. i'd forget that idea. and you need to inject it everyday. you also need to add some test to the equation, enanthate or cyp would do fine.

    a little fine tuning and you will have one hell of a cycle.

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